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Lawnmower to Music

This song is by Basshunter and appears on the album Calling Time (2013).

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In this clip I'm going to show you the art of transformation
I was watching a Swedish commercial about lawnmowers
When I heard a beautiful melody in the background
So I recorded it
And for you to understand the transformation
I'm going to play you the low-quality sample I recorded
Pay attention to the piano in the background, and enjoy the transformation

(Commercial plays)

This is how I started

And then I added the melody

And now... the transformation

This is the hardest-
This is the hardest-
This is the hardest-
The hardest-
The hardest fucking lawnmower in the fucking world!

This is the hardest fucking-


The hardest fucking-

I will never let you down!
I will never stop my job!
I will never break down!
Never! Do you hear me?
'Cause I'm fucking hard, baby!

The hardest fucking-

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