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The Old Shit (1999)Edit

Basshunter - The Old Shit
The Old Shit
  1. Här Kommer Lennart
  2. Counterstrike the MP3
  3. Smells Like Blade
  4. Stay Alive
  5. Storm of Fantasy (featuring Ozo)
  6. The Celtic Harmony & the Chilling Acid
  7. The Night
  8. T-Rex (Jurassic Park)
  9. Waiting for the Moon
  10. Moontrip
  11. Beam Vs Cyrus - Thunder in Paradise [Basshunter Remix]
Unofficial Version Bonus Tracks
  1. Try to Stop Us
  2. Wizard Elements
  3. The Kodos Must Be Protected
  4. Rainbow Stars
  5. Wacco Will Kick Your Ass

The Bassmachine (2004)Edit

Basshunter - The Bassmachine
The Bassmachine
  1. The Bassmachine
  2. The Big Show
  3. The True Sound
  4. Train Station
  5. Contact by Bass
  6. Syndrome de Abstenencia
  7. The Warpzone
  8. Bass Worker
  9. Transformation Bass
  10. Festfolk

LOL <(^^,)> (2006)Edit

LOL <(^^,)>
  1. Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar DotA
  2. Boten Anna
  3. Strand Tylösand
  4. Sverige
  5. Hallå Där
  6. Mellan Oss Två
  7. Var Är Jag
  8. Utan Stjärnorna
  9. Festfolk (2006 Remix)
  10. Patrik Och Lillen - Vifta Med Händerna (Basshunter Remix)
  11. Professional Party People
  12. I'm Your Basscreator
Bonus Tracks
  1. Boten Anna (Instrumental)
  2. Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar DotA (Extended Version)
International Edition
    1. Now You're Gone (Radio Edit)
    2. DotA
    3. Boten Anna
    4. I'm Your Basscreator
    5. Russia Privjet
    6. Professional Party People
    7. GPS
    8. Hello There
    9. We Are the Waccos
    10. The Beat
    11. Without Stars
    12. Throw Your Hands Up (Basshunter Remix) (Patrick and the Small Guy)
    13. Strand Tylösand
    14. Between the Two of Us
    15. Boten Anna (Instrumental)
    16. DotA (Club Mix)
    17. Jingle Bells (Bass)
    18. Beer in the Bar (Digital bonus track)

    Now You're Gone – the Album (2008)Edit

    Basshunter - Now You&#039;re Gone- The Album
    Now You're Gone – The Album
    1. Now You're Gone (with DJ Mental Theo's Bazzheadz)
    2. All I Ever Wanted
    3. Please Don't Go
    4. I Miss You
    5. Angel in the Night
    6. In Her Eyes
    7. Love You More
    8. Camilla
    9. Dream Girl
    10. Walk on Water
    11. Bass Creator
    12. Russia Privjet
    13. Boten Anna
    14. DotA
    15. Now You're Gone (Fonzerelli Edit)
    16. All I Ever Wanted (Fonzerelli Edit)

    Bass Generation (2009)Edit

    Basshunter - Bass Generation
    Bass Generation
    Disc One
    1. Every Morning
    2. I Promised Myself
    3. Why
    4. I Can't Deny
    5. Don't Walk Away
    6. I Still Love
    7. Day & Night
    8. I Will Learn to Love Again
    9. Far From Home
    10. I Know U Know
    11. On Our Side
    12. Can You
    13. Plane to Spain
    14. Every Morning (Michael Mind Edit)
    15. Numbers (hidden track)
    Disc Two
    1. Now You're Gone Featuring DJ Mental Theo's Bazzhead (DJ Alex Extended Mix)
    2. All I Ever Wanted (Ultra DJs Remix)
    3. Angel in the Night (Headhunters Remix)
    4. I Miss You (Hyperzone Remix)
    5. Please Don't Go (Bad Behaviour Remix)
    6. Walk on Water (Ultra DJs Remix)
    7. Every Morning (Raindropz! Remix)
    8. Camilla (Swedish Version)
    9. Without Stars (Swedish Version)

    Calling Time (2013)Edit

    Basshunter - Calling Time
    Calling Time
    1. Dirty (featuring Sandra)
    2. Crash & Burn
    3. Dream on the Dancefloor (Radio Edit)
    4. Calling Time
    5. Far Away
    6. Rise My Love
    7. I've Got You Now
    8. You're Not Alone
    9. Wake up Beside Me (featuring Dulce María)
    10. Northern Light (Original Mix)
    11. Saturday
    12. Fest i hela huset (featuring Swedish Big Brother House)
    13. Lawnmower to Music
    14. Pitchy Track
    15. I Came Here to Party
    16. Far Away (Josh's Big Boom Remix) (bonus track)
    17. Dream on the Dancefloor (Rude Dog Remix) (bonus track)
    18. Northern Light (Candlelight Version) (bonus track)

    Additional information

    Artist information:

    b. 1984

    Real name:

    Basshunter is a performance name for Jonas Erik Altberg.

    Years active:

    1998 - present

    Record labels:

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