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I Cry

This song is by Bass Is Base.

Who put those daggers in your eyes?
Who rained all over your blue skies?
Who inflicted you with pain?
I cry for you once again

They cast a shadow on your soul.
They try to sell everything you own.
They sit and wait for your decay.
I cry for you once again.

You know that I cry (cry, cry)
for you once again.
You know that I cry (cry, cry)
for you once again.
I cry for you once again.

Who took those diamonds from your dreams?
Who messed up all your crazy schemes?
Who left you there for vultures' prey?
I cry for you once again.

Where is the solace that you seek?
When no one else will hear your grief?
How could you lose all of your faith?
I cry for you once again.


What happens to you when you close your eyes?
Two shadowed diamonds come to mind.
The only way to stop the tears
Is if you come right back to me.
Can't understand why they would take
Away your glad you ever left
They'll never know; they'll never see.


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