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Oh, My Darling (2007)Edit

Basia Bulat - Oh, My Darling
Oh, My Darling
  1. Before I Knew
  2. I Was a Daughter
  3. Little Waltz
  4. December
  5. Snakes and Ladders
  6. Oh, My Darling
  7. In the Night
  8. Little One
  9. Why Can't It Be Mine
  10. The Pilgriming Vine
  11. La-Da-Da
  12. Birds of Paradise
  13. A Secret

Heart of My Own (2010)Edit

Basia Bulat - Heart Of My Own
Heart of My Own
  1. Go On
  2. Run
  3. Sugar and Spice
  4. Gold Rush
  5. Heart of My Own
  6. Sparrow
  7. If Only You
  8. I'm Forgetting Everyone
  9. The Shore
  10. Once More, for the Dollhouse
  11. Walk You Down
  12. If It Rains
Bonus track on iTunes release
  1. Hush

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