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Time And Tide (1987)Edit

Basia - Time And Tide
Time And Tide
  1. Promises
  2. Run For Cover
  3. Time And Tide
  4. Freeze Thaw
  5. From Now On
  6. New Day For You
  7. Prime Time TV
  8. Astrud
  9. How Dare You
  10. Miles Away


  1. Forgive And Forget
  2. Give Me That

London Warsaw New York (1989)Edit

Basia - London Warsaw New York
London Warsaw New York
  1. Cruising For Bruising
  2. Best Friends
  3. Brave New Hope
  4. Baby You're Mine
  5. Ordinary People
  6. Reward
  7. Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)
  8. Copernicus
  9. Not An Angel
  10. Take Him Back Rachel


  1. Masquerade
  2. Come To Heaven

The Sweetest Illusion (1994)Edit

Basia - The Sweetest Illusion
The Sweetest Illusion
  1. Drunk On Love
  2. Third Time Lucky
  3. Yearning
  4. She Deserves It/Rachel's Wedding
  5. An Olive Tree
  6. The Sweetest Illusion
  7. Perfect Mother
  8. More Fire Than Flame
  9. Simple Pleasures
  10. My Cruel Ways
  11. The Prayer Of A Happy Housewife

Basia On Broadway (1995)Edit

Basia - Basia on Broadway
Basia on Broadway
  1. Copernicus
  2. Cruising For Bruising
  3. Third Time Lucky
  4. Drunk On Love
  5. From Now On
  6. Baby You're Mine
  7. Yearning
  8. Take Him Back Rachel
  9. New Day For You
  10. Promises
  11. Time And Tide
  12. Half A Minute
  13. Reward
  14. Until You Come Back To Me
  15. Dzień się budzi
  16. Brave New Hope

It's That Girl Again (2009)Edit

Basia - It's That Girl Again
It's That Girl Again
  1. If Not Now Then When
  2. Someone for Everyone
  3. I Must
  4. A Gift
  5. Everybody's on the Move
  6. There's a Tear
  7. Blame It on the Summer
  8. Two Islands
  9. Love Lies Bleeding
  10. Winners
  11. They Know Nothing About Us
  12. Amelki śmiech
  13. It's That Girl Again
  14. Oh Mama (bonus track)
  15. Clear Horizon (Japanese bonus track)

Other SongsEdit

  1. Angels Blush
  2. Go For You
  3. Springtime Laughter
  4. Waters Of March (Aguas De Março)

Additional information

Artist information:


Real name:

Basia is a performance name for Basia Trzetrzelewska.

Years active:

1983 - present

Basia was a member of:
Record labels:

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