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Friday Night (Is Killing Me)

This song is by Bash & Pop and appears on the album Friday Night Is Killing Me (1993).

Couldn't come much easier
And gone in a flash
Couldn't take my breath away
Never got it back from France
I stayed so calm
You know I stayed too long until now

There's a thousand fleeting moments
In a hundred lives
You never said hello
I never said goodbye
It looks like rain
I feel you like a hurricane
But you're golden age
And I was born too late
It's a long way back to nowhere they say

Friday Night is Killing me
And your hair and smoke it got you close to nothin' (??no idea really??)
Friday night sure won't be the same again
The casualty is Sunday losin' us
Friday Night is Killing Me
Your last sigh that goes on by
And no one hears you tonight

Everything you thought Tuesday
And you couldn't say
You know they'll suck you dry
It's only a matter of time
I'll take your place
Hey I'll take your life
And when I used it up I trade it back for mine
You take my hand
And cover up your eyes
No No there's no war to wage
It's hard to make front page now
Your warning sign's just a sigh and a thought (??again, just a guess??)

Friday Night Is killing me
Well opera shoes (??)
They got you on the run
Friday night sure won't be the same again
The casualty of Sunday losin' us
Friday Night
Friday Night
Friday night is killing me
And I don't wanna die

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