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Smoke Bubbles

This song is by Basement Jaxx and appears on the album Crazy Itch Radio (2006).

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I don't know what's wrong with you,
Comin' all over, don't want to do,
Find someone else to while away hours
Some other mug to give, give flowers.
I thought I was in love with you,
Thought together we'd find some truth,
Never seemed at all logical
But maybe we were living in
Smoke Bubbles.

I, I wanna give you something more than you can ever give to me.
I, I'm sorry but this thing just seems like kisstory to me.

(Musical Interlude)

You were all cool with the TV on,
Drinking with your friends and smoking bongs,
Never really heard when you snapped away, and quipped,
It blurred over, it was all a quick fix.
Not like I'm not aching too
But now I'm clear what I got to do.
I know at times it was magical
But maybe we were living in
Smoke Bubbles
(Musical Interlude)

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