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Barzin (2000)Edit

  1. Pale Blue Eyes
  2. Over My Blue
  3. Past All Concerns
  4. Building A House
  5. Cruel Sea
  6. Morning Doubts
  7. Autumn Moon
  8. Sleep

My Life In Rooms (2006)Edit

My Life In Rooms
My Life In Rooms
  1. Let's Go Driving
  2. So Much Time To Call My Own
  3. Leaving Time
  4. Just More Drugs
  5. Take This Blue
  6. Acoustic Guitar Phase
  7. Won't You Come
  8. Sometimes The Night...
  9. My Life In Rooms

Notes To An Absent Lover (2009)Edit

Barzin - Notes to an Absent Lover
Notes to an Absent Lover
  1. Nobody Told Me
  2. Words Tangled In Blue
  3. Soft Summer Girls
  4. Queen Jane
  5. When It Falls Apart
  6. Lost
  7. Stayed Too Long In This Place
  8. Look What Love Has Turned Us Into
  9. The Dream Song

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Other SongsEdit

  1. Autumn And Moon
  2. Sometimes The Night

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