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When You're Sad

This song is by Bart Davenport and appears on the album Game Preserve (2003).

When you're sad it all seems moo
Pretty girls ant even cute, when you're sad
When you're up it all falls down
You're smile turns into a frown
Soon you're down again

But I know the happy day brigade
And they charge into my life like a gay parade
And I know the risk you take by making changes in your life that ant so safe.

When you're in, you get kicked out
No holding onto the crowds when your out
Those who are hip so full of conceit
Are soon to be obsolete and uncool again

But I know the day will come
When we see more than what you are last night at a show
And our love is so precarious; we'll be left to protect us when we're low

When you're down I've down with you
You'll find a heart that's true when you're down
Don't give up You just have to give in
So we can begin to begin again


Written by:

Bart Davenport

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