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Hello Kitty Parody

This song is by Bart Baker and appears on the album Greatest Hits 2014 (2014).

I'm a psycho pale germaphobe
Don't, don't, don't, don't touch me
The sun is burning me
I can't stand sunlight
It's been ten years since I've been outside
You can take a pic but don't come near me (o-oh, o-oh, o-oh)
My skin is translucent
I look like a Skrillex mutant

Get this vampire away from me

Hey, hey, hey, hey
I don't need your judgement
The guy from Nickelback is my husband
I get enough shit already

Your husband's music sucks

I used to be punk rock
But now I'm trying to act J-pop
My career's dead, someone help me (hey, hey, hey, hey)
This video's so bad
The lyrics are so sad
That Hello Kitty has banned me
I am so immature
Dressed up like I am four
Am I a rocker or anime?
I'm so c-c-confused

You stole my haircut and skin tone
And my dubstep style you ho
This song is a horrible joke
These lyrics fit on a Post-It note

This vid is so racist
Made my dancers look cloned and brainless
'Cause they all look alike to me

Is this bitch serious?

Paid them tons of money
To stereotype their country

We bring dishonor to family

Hey, hey, hey, hey

Calm down, Mrs. Lavigne
I don't carry disease
You look extremely sickly

Someone kill this guy dead
He just touched my forehead
Get me disinfected right now please
I, I, I, I can't breathe

Why are you moving like a cartoon?

Because that's what Japanese girls do
They all clap their hands and sound like this

Get out of here you damn racist

Avril, you must stop this
Everybody hates it
Even more than they despise Nickelback

I think we were way off
Dubstep J-pop's not hot
The way back to the top is rap

Gre-gre-gre-great idea!

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