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​Weird And Wonderful

This song is by Barstool Prophets and appears on the album Last Of The Big Game Hunters (1997).

A man invades a sacred temple in the desert
And makes off with the Pharaoh's holiest of treasures.
It brings him wealth and fame
And credits to his name.
But when he disappears,
All those who hold it fear the same.
Weird and wonderful.
A family driving on a lonely stretch of highway
Returning sadly from a very pleasant holiday.
Just then the starry night
Is filled with blinding light.
They'd later testify
They'd never seen a greater sight.
Weird and wonderful.
In Sicily there lives the daughter of a peasant,
Who every Christmas gets a special kind of present.
They come from foreign lands
To try to comprehend
The blood that's flowing
From a little child's feet and hands.
Some things you can't explain.
Weird and wonderful.