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Jesus People

This song is by Barry McGuire and appears on the album To the Bride (1975).

Have you had Jesus people knockin' on your door
Sayin' things you've never heard before
Well don't ya get uptight
Things will be all right
Cause it won't be long
An' they'll be gone

Sayin' things you just don't want to hear
Singin' songs keep ringin' in your ear
Well don't be gettin' mad
An' don't be feelin' bad
Cause it won't be long
An' we'll be gone

It's been comin' for a long long time
Gets a little closer everyday
An' when it finally happens
Gonna blow their mind
When all us Jesus people fly away

I guess the rest is up to you
Won'tcha tell me now
Whatcha gonna do
You can come along
You can sing this song
Cause it won't be long
It won't be long, it won't be long
An' we'll be gone

Written by:

Barry McGuire

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