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Twisted Smile

This song is by Barry Adamson and appears on the album The King of Nothing Hill (2002).

Look who's back a preaching on the corner
They're sharpening knives and prostituting greed
The government has led us to the slaughter
It's England's green unpleasant land indeed

But now the baby needs a tickle on his quilt of furrowed brow
And you know you're just a little off the shores of here and now

Everyone is everyone

Watch you from the window as you're leaving
Think I can arrange a twisted smile
You hide behind the highlights and the grieving
And milk it like it's going out of style

So like the King of good intentions maybe sometime in the spring
And you know you're just a little on the downside of a lying little thing

Everyone is everyone (find me in your tears)

And they say...

I can't make it without a leader
I can't make it without a gun
You sound like a jumped up diamond star healer
Well if you don't go within you go without
And I won't be around to ease your fears and your doubts

Smiling when the twister's in the distance
Breathing in the silence of the night
Heaven hopes you'll make it in an instant
I only hope we make it by tonight

'Cause in the hazy light of morning, yes the only way is up
And you know you're just a little on the easy side of all that is enough

Everyone is everyone

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