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Cinematic Soul

This song is by Barry Adamson and appears on the album The King of Nothing Hill (2002).

Well I came around
Crazy from the upper cuts and body shots I took as prescribed
I had been held down
Cursing everybody till I realized the hands were mine
With my new found eyes
Plugged into the sockets then I wondered into your town
Then I found my girl and it all came together
When the usher said, "two for the front row in the centre?"

Then the lights went down
And the sound began to monkey around
And the screen lit up my mind
And as the characters came alive...

Cinematic soul!

(Vocal ad lib and shout outs for the band)

'Cause when the lights go down
And the sound begins to monkey around
And the screen lights up your mind
And as the characters come alive...

Cinematic soul!

(One of the King's many offspring enters the room and
Wants a slice of this feverish mayhem)

Hey dad

Er, yes son?
Can I sing along to 'Cinematic Soul?'
Of course you can son, I mean, what is a song if you can't sing along?
So are you ready?
Said, 'are you ready'
Sing it with me, son

Cinematic soul!

Right on

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