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Think Of You

This song is by Barrio Boyzz and appears on the album How We Roll (1995).

As i think about the past
i can see
all the love that we shared
you and me.
Do i stand alone with all my memories
or confess my heart and soul desperately
knowing that you're not here
with me now
i will try to make somehow
mending my broken heart
i find you're still deep inside.


I think of you all the time
and i can't you of my mind
now that i'm on my own
when i sit alone
thoughts of my stumble on my mind.
That's why i think of you
all the time .

No metter how far the distance,
i carry parts of you deep inside of me.
There is nothing more
that i'd want
that to have you right here
instead of crying at night
the stars on my tears
Remembering the good times we had
making you smile when things made you sad
all of me is what i gave to you
i can belive that were you througt

Chorus (repeat)

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