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Bounty Hunter (1979)Edit

Barringtonlevy bountyhunter
Bounty Hunter
  1. Bounty Hunter
  2. Shaolin Temple
  3. Shine Eye Girl
  4. Moonlight Lover
  5. Trod With Jah Jah
  6. It's Not Easy
  7. Sky-Larking
  8. Jah Life
  9. Wedding Ring
  10. Don't Fuss Or Fight

Barrington Levy's Life Style (1983)Edit

Barrington Levy - Barrington Levy's Life Style
Barrington Levy's Life Style
  1. Jah
  2. Run Away
  3. Love Your Brother Man
  4. Never Tear My Love Apart
  5. When You're Young and in Love
  6. Making Tracks
  7. Jah the Creator
  8. Peace and Love
  9. I Hold the Handle
  10. You Are the Chosen One

Love The Life You Live (1989)Edit

Barrington Levy - Love The Life You Live
Love The Life You Live
  1. Love The Life You Live
  2. Girl I Like Your Style
  3. Too Experienced
  4. Why You Do It?
  5. Long Time Friction
  6. I've Caught You
  7. My Woman
  8. Come On Little Girl Come On
  9. Two Sounds
  10. She's Mine

Prison Oval Rock (1991)Edit

Barrington Levy - Prison Oval Rock
Prison Oval Rock
  1. Prison Oval Rock
  2. Prison Oval Dub
  3. You Say You Love Me
  4. Good Loving
  5. Rip and Run Off
  6. Please Jah Jah
  7. Robberman
  8. Hammer
  9. Stray Away Girl
  10. Mary Long Tongue

Barrington (1993)Edit

Barrington Levy - Barrington
  1. Survival
  2. Murderer
  3. Work
  4. Be Strong
  5. Under Me Sensi
  6. Vice Versa Love
  7. Teacher
  8. 90% There
  9. Nothing's Changed
  10. Strange

Time Capsule (1996)Edit

Barrington Levy - Time Capsule
Time Capsule
  1. Little Children Cry
  2. Jah a the Creator
  3. No Good Girl
  4. Oh Jah, Can't You See?
  5. Hypocrites
  6. Loving You
  7. Super Star Girl
  8. Bad Boy
  9. Dangerous Dub
  10. A Stinkin' Dub
  11. A Nasty Dub
  12. A Terrible Dub
  13. A Rotten Dub
  14. Bonus Track

Living Dangerously (1998)Edit

Barrington Levy - Living Dangerously
Living Dangerously
  1. License To Thrill
  2. One 4 Me
  3. Saw Red
  4. No Hard Evidence
  5. Poor Man Cry
  6. God Given World
  7. One Day Soon
  8. Free (Freedom)
  9. One More Time
  10. Bad Talk
  11. Things Friend
  12. Practice Makes Perfect
  13. Living Dangerously

Too Experienced: The Best Of Barrington Levy (1998)Edit

Barrington Levy - Too Experienced - The Best Of Barrington Levy
Too Experienced: The Best Of Barrington Levy
  1. Murderer
  2. Under Mi Sensi
  3. Prison Oval Rock
  4. My Time
  5. She's Mine
  6. Shine Eye Girl
  7. No Fuss No Fight
  8. Black Roses
  9. 21 Girl Salute
  10. Teach the Youths
  11. Too Experienced
  12. Don't Throw It All Away
  13. Vice Versa Love
  14. Living Dangerously
  15. Dancehall
  16. Work

Songs Featuring Barrington LevyEdit

Other SongsEdit

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  1. 21 Girls Salute
  2. Black Heart Man
  3. Bonnie & Shyne
  4. Caan Hold Us Down
  5. Fulfillment
  6. Here I Come
  7. If You Give To Me
  8. No War (Obama)
  9. Righteous Dub
  10. Skylarking
  11. Stress Ya
  12. Vybsy Versa Love
  13. Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check
  14. You've Made Made Me So Very Happy

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