Barney:Barney's Favorites, Vol. 1 (1993)

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Compilation by various artists.
  1. Barney's Theme Song
  2. My Family's Just Right For Me
  3. Peanut Butter
  4. The Ants Go Marching
  5. I Like to Eat Apples and Bananas
  6. A-Camping We Will Go
  7. Sarasponda
  8. If All The Raindrops
  9. And The Green Grass Grows All Around
  10. Sally The Camel
  11. Looby Loo
  12. Down On Grandpa's Farm
  13. The Stranger Song
  14. Old Brass Wagon
  15. Hurry, Hurry, Drive The Firetruck
  16. There Are Seven Days
  17. Alphabet Song
  18. Mr. Knickerbocker
  19. Kookaburra
  20. The Itsy Bitsy Spider
  21. Me And My Teddy
  22. The Sister Song
  23. I Love You
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