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Love Light

This song is by Barbra Streisand and appears on the album Till I Loved You (1988).

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Love Light
Shine on me
Make it last this time
'Cause I think I might find out
That there's no rehearsal
And, I don't want to miss one bit
If this is it
Here's my prayer
We can make it last
If we learn to tell the truth
And to trust each other
And be unafraid of what we'll see
With time and love we learn
When we accept each other
That's when our lives can come together
Let him stay
By my side
If it lasts this time
Then the shadows of the past will remain
Behind us
And finally we will be free
With time and love we learn
We have this chance to grow
We have this chance to know each other
Time, all we need is time to feel
All of the love inside us
And then our lives will come together
I know with time and love
Shine on both of us tonight
With love and light
Nothing's gonna change our love tonight
With love and light
Shine on me tonight
With time and love

Written by:

B. Bacharach, C. Bayer Sager

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