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Here We Are At Last

This song is by Barbra Streisand and appears on the album Emotion (1984).

Original video
Here we are at last
Children in the dark
Running from the past
Into the unknown

Secrets from the heart
Promises we make
Lips that never part
Until the dawn breaks

I can't remember feeling this familiar
I see myself becoming his
It frightens me to learn
That love is...

Finally here at last
No place left to hide
Too powerful to fast
To keep it inside

Everything's so new,
So innocent, so true
We're reaching for that star,
'Cause darling, here we are
Here at last

I can't remember feeling this familiar
I feel myself becoming his
It strengthens me to finally see that

Love is here at last
No place left to run
The actors have unmasked
The play has begun

Every moment true
Each day for lovers who
Have never come this far
But darlin' here we are
Here at last
Here at last...

Written by:

Barbra Streisand

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