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Van Damme

This song is by Bankroll Fresh and appears on the mixtape Bankroll Fresh (2015).

Yeah it's me danwill,
On de trap bich
I don't wash my hand nigger, we you at
Fuck dem all it's me danwill nigger,
The real van Damme, the same as the most of us.
Am proud to be madini chopping blades like mikewillmadeit do at eardrummer,
Straight outta atranta were diz nigger kill other nicka, r.i.p the dream chasser bankroll fuck dem kill you bru I will fuckn shut dem one day

I 30th of my favorite is not an option,
It will not be a good day, and the best.

We are a couple days ago by on Saturday,
At studio trying recording

At eardrummer.
I have a lot more than one year
From date diz nigger kill yah,
They thinka good idea to do it.
Fk dem they ain't no manner hoe,
Your the only one that has been the most of us,
Living ur life smoking weed as you can,
We have been the most part of my life at TZ,
The country full of bribe and
Fuckn drama,
I should be able to make more mulla,
As long as I can move here to LA,
Smoking weed dance
With got demb stripper,
Fucking bitches as in heaven!

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