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​Hot Boy

This song is by Bankroll Fresh and appears on the mixtape Life of a Hot Boy (2014).

Come through looking like a dope dealer
Ain't (?) none of y'all broke niggas
At the trap spot where we post, nigga
I'm a get a mansion and a boat, nigga
Ferragamo frames and a coat, nigga
Fuck the girlfriend, she's a gold digger
One thing I don't need is: no nigga
Bought a AMG Benz cause it go quicker

Fresh in the VIP, lit up
Fuck a nigga trying to get hit up
All it take is one call, nigga
I (?) represent y'all niggas
Instagram timeline full of y'all bitches
Y'all niggas unofficial trying to act official
You a pussy ass nigga, and I know it, nigga
You a pussy ass nigga, and you show it, nigga

Balling real hard--real, real, real hard
Don't even like the fact, know I'm playing with a set
Had the motherfucker offset white--
Then I had to paint the motherfucker black
How you love that?

Balling like a motherfucking Hot Boy, like we in '98
Nigga, how it look? JuveYoung nigga bought a (?) made a movie
All these hoes in the jacuzzi

Balling like a Hot Boy, Hot Boy, Hot Boy, Hot Boy, Hot Boy, Juve
Sticking to the g-code, 400 beast mode
Y'all niggas know how we do it

Balling like a Hot Boy, Hot Boy, Hot Boy, Hot Boy, nigga Lil' Weezy
Feeling like Birdman and Meechy (?)
(?) Nigga we eating

Balling like a Hot Boy, Hot Boy, Hot Boy, Hot Boy, nigga B. Gizzle
Chopper in the city, I'm the motherfucking made man
Y'all pussy niggas in the middle

Balling like a Hot Boy, Hot Boy, Hot Boy, Hot Boy, nigga Young Turk
Young nigga thinking (?) first
Young nigga putting in work

All star, 2014, I was drunk as fuck on Bourbon
Young nigga just swervin'
Young nigga just splurgin'
I came from servin'
Young nigga home workin'
400 degrees. Tuesdays... and Thursdays

Beat the block, like Mannie Fresh
Young nigga been having the check
Quiet as hell, like Uncle Slim
You can tell I got some M's
If I don't, I'm gon' get them
I let the pool bitch take a swim
Guerilla warfare for you and him
Soldier rag for Soldier Slim
Fuck around in the Magnolia
All my Atlanta niggas screaming, "What up, whoadie?"
Big Rollie, VVS's loaded
In the projects, niggas want to hold it
Play around I'm a unload it
Real shit, nigga, unfolded
Bank rolls, nigga, overloaded
Nigga playing, my shit golden