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​It's Alright

This song is by Bandits and appears on the movie soundtrack Bandits (1997).

We are here for you
Just to tell you the truth
Yeah, we know it's not new
But we're here from the start
And that'll break you apart - uuuh...

You've got to light a candle to be with me
'Cause you know I am so high above you, I can't see
But if you put a fire in your window
I can show you where the wind blows

It's all right ...

Let's go, the wind has changed, it blows so wild
Now hit the fear and sing a song, yeah, sing it like a child
Don't you see, we are flying like batman
We are going to the promised land

It's all right ...

We're on the way to somewhere, we don't know
But the time will show us where we stand, where we can go
Don't you see we are burning like the sunball
Yeah, we like it when the rain falls

It's all right ...