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​The Story You Might Be Familiar With

This song is by Band Mango and appears on the album Lifelong Contract (2005).

You're seeing colors much brighter than they are
Searching for an exuse to call her
Even though you know it won't get any far,

She brought you pain and misery
Destroying all your dreams
You put a coma instead of full stop
'Cause it's not as easy as it seems

To all your friends
That say she's not the last one,
And you will have a dozen more
She's the only one you need by now
You know it for sure

Some times has passed and you got used to be alone not telling anyone where are you and for how long you have been gone
And suddenly at half past eight you get a call from her, She says sheр missing you and that she's not completely sure
About the things that happened to both of you and if she could only turn back time
She wouldn't do what she has done and everything would have been fine

She sayd we could be friends and meet and talk and walk hands in hand
She will tell you what happened to her
'Bout the boys she fucked and dicks she sucked that's her way to be x2