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​Stars Are Waiting

This song is by Band Mango and appears on the album Lifelong Contract (2005).

Memories of all good times
And an oldschool sailor tat
That all what's left
(All what's left)

No family no friends no home
No stories to be told
That's all what's left
All what's left
(All what's left)

Stars are waiting for you x2

A tear is dropping down the old man's cheek
As he sitting on the bench under the rain whoa
(Nothings left)
His wife has died a month ago in sufferings and pain
So where's the truth?
Who to blame?

No matter how grey your life seems
And no matter how hard sometimes it is
Keep it real till your last fucking breath
And when your soul leaves your sinful body
Stars are waiting for it
Remember stars are waiting!