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Light Years

This song is by Bamboozlers.

Hello' goodbye' leave me alone don't wanna be with anyone
Lie awake in bed my eyes are closed I bet you think I'm wasted
Hit me if you think it's worth it if you think I've crossed the line
I'll see you somewhere out there
I know you think I'm crazy or a schizo maybe or a fiend addict
But I know you faked it 'cause lies are what we have in your world
Read all the books of life looked at myself where did the years go?
They're lost within the pages of time something about it make me
Something about it takes me something about you makes me high
So high me and my folk guitar we've seen a glimpse of the wild world
It's beautiful it's crazy a lot of people that we know they talked about us
They say we've lost it they're too far away from Venus I say
If they know what we know we'll see them somewhere out there
'Cause the light years from now they'll find it somehow
'Cause it's beautiful out there

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