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This song is by Bambix.

There's this waitress at the truckstop and she's really cool
She spits in meals and tops each glass with extra drool
They tell her that her tiny skirt is driving them insane
And that she herself is to blame

They burp the alfabet and order her about
They tell eachother they'll have her without any doubt
But she winks at me and tells me that I'm the one who might
Take her home tonight

Slow down - speed up
Slow down - speed up
We're having fun at the truckstop

Get out, get out now, and never come back again (2x)
Well you want me for your meal, I'll tell you what's the deal
I'll serve you something good in addition to your soup
Get out, get out now, run towards the light

I woke up this morning lying in her bed
She made me the biggest breakfast that I've ever had
But when I looked at my plate I saw some tiny bubbles of air
It must have been spittle but I don't care.

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