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It's Beer O'Clock

This song is by Bambix.

What I don't understand
Is why you're there with that gun in your hand
You've got the power, I'm in control
You wash your hands, I've got your soul

And in easy delight
Your holy conscience shining so bright
Walking on a trail of tears
The salty taste in your beer
Proves you're wrong

And in the end it stops
You weren't proud enough
To ever ease your mind
And now you have to face it
Tried to escape and hide
From all those sorry sights
You've proven all along
You're stranger to my song

And you're trapped you can't run
Your decay has almost begun
Only with that friend in hand
You can believe that you're a real man

Tomorrow's over
Tomorrow just died
I've done a good job
You now belong to yesterday

I will not run no more

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