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Hurricane Hero

This song is by Bambix.

One summermorning he awoke he decided it was time
He made up his mind
So he went up to the roof in search for something that
Would prove
He'd always been blind
The idea was to arouse the pigeons in the pigeon-house
So when he opened the door
He gently asked them 'would you all help me to find
Exactly what I'm looking for'

So he finally broke the strings
That had always kept him down
An attempt to regain
What he once lost
No need to count the cost
The hero of the twetieth century

A storm raged across the land, the wind was fighting with
The sand
A hurricane named Hero
The people looked up to the sky, they saw the shape of a
Huge kite
It must be the hour Zero
A million piggeons in a V, a man so tiny you couldn't see him
Dangling on the strings
Toed to each separate little bird, shouting out against the
World; "we'll shit on you, motherfuckers"

So he finally broke the chain
That had always kept him down
Bit by bit
No shit

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