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​Psalms Up Revelations

This song is by Bamaselo and appears on the album Natural (2007).

Reality is love and I love you!
And you and you and you!
May God bless you, Sing!

The wicked have fi feel it
True Rasta man de with the rod of iron yes
I have to reveal it
Say I will chant from psalm up revelations

Boy you have to go cross the ocean and
Go find your self and come back a man
Woman no boda fret you watch the situation
With Jah love ina we heart
Couse we no afraid a Babylon
Couse wicked man a run things him under domination
Him a tell nuff lies bad, bad, bad
Space ship ina the sky mad, mad, mad
Poor children a die sad, sad, sad
Who protect I an I, it a no Bill Clinton
Jah alone him get me vote
Him a me solution
Original mackabi original Livingston love and reality we have fi teach the nations, sing

Who next want ask me the question why the wicked run things man me a tell you no lie
Uno fi lef Babylon you fi say bye, bye, bye
And if a bad boy test him have fi die, die, die
Watch dem plan watch dem plot fi come destroy we mind make all the laws we have to commit the crime, sing