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The Human Blood

This song is by Balzac and appears on the album Deep - Teenagers From Outer Space (1997).

Guren no honoo megake
(*Towards the blazing red flame*)
Into the light!
Tsunagi tomeru hitosuji no shisou
(*Wrapped up in thoughts of death*)

Gankyuu ni utsusuu
(*The reflection of the eyeball*)
Into the light!
Sadamaranai shisen wo
(*An undetermined point between life and death*)
Into the light!
Waga te (ni) ireta nowa
(*Is what I had in my grasp*)
Into the light!
Kyoufu hikisaku hitosuji no shikai
(*The light from the world of the dead tears the fear apart*)

Gouon tomedo naku
(*The deafening boom signals the end*)
Into the light!
Kono chi (ni) majiwari zokeru
(*It continues to mix with the blood*)
Into the light!

The human blood keeps them alive forever
And in the blood they too will know
After a decade of Silence
In my dark to eat my arm
Into the light we too shall know

Human Blood!
Woah oh oh!
In Human Blood!
Woah oh oh!
In Human Blood!
Woah oh ooooh oh woah oh oh oh!

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