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This song is by Baltimore Shrubbers.

Your eyes, look big tonight
They stare, right through my sides
They are, the big windows
To your, soul

The rain is comin' down on us
Let's get inside and lets dry off
No you say, lets just stay
Out in the cold and pouring rain

You were, always the crazy
One. in my mind.
But you are, the one
I can count on...

So we're sitting in our rain soaked clothes
Outside where the sun won't show
Not the whole world looks up at me
But all I really see is

Your eyes, are alive
They look at me tonight
And I know I'm alive

And in the grass
I can see my past
And in there I will find
You're the one who's mine

Your only hope is now
To follow me to the clouds
We just gotta get through the night
And I'm sure we'll be

Fine for, this time
This night, this rhyme
And I'm sure we can give this some time

Fight... for the night
Your eyes are the light to my own life

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