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Marcy Was Around

This song is by Baltimore Shrubbers.

Things were a whole lot different when marcy was around
We could wear plaid skirts to work and always act like clowns.
We could write our favorite songs and talk about birds in the trees.
We could drink Jack strait from the bottle and do just what the hell we please.

I feel so bad
Now that Marcy isn't here.
We used to feel confidence
And we used to have no fear
Now Marcy isn't here (x2)

Things were a whole lot different when Marcy was around,
We could let our balls hang loose and roll around in the sound. Marcy left for Canada just two weeks ago, I'm thinkin' about going up there or down to Mexico.

Things weren't all screwed back when marcy was around.
Now the boss is a jerk, and wears his corporate frown.
This new guy is a pig, he smells like cottage cheese.
There ain't no way to win that guy, he'll make you get on your knees

Oh why oh why oh why oh why can't Marcy be around, so we can drink again and never ever ever fall down! Yeah.

(Chorus) to end

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