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Be My Annabelle Lee

This song is by Baltimore Shrubbers.

I will be your edgar allen poe, if you'll be my annabelle lee.
I will write a poem for you if you, make love with me.
I will hold you by the ocean, kiss you in the sand.
You can be my baltimore woman, I will be your maryland man.

I will be your Ernest Hemingway, if you'll be my old man in the sea. I will write a book about you if you, catch a fish for me.
I will pen you down in black and white, with a kitten on my lap. You can come see me when you get off work if you wanna take a nap.

I will be your William Shakespeare, if you'll be my ophelia in Lear.
I can write you into my play, if you will be my dear.
I can pattern all your steps, make 'em all so nice.
Darling will you marry me? You won't have to think twice

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