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Autumn Girl

This song is by Baltimore Shrubbers.

Summer brings, greener leaves.
Throwing fireflies, into the sea.
Autumn brings, a touch of pain.
Bitter reminder of a spring rain.
I met up with her, after work.
I'm sorry, I said, I was such a jerk

Autumn girl, are you listening?
Autumn girl, sweat is glistening,
Like the heat from a thousand midnights.

Thunder came, lightening and rain.
Leaves are filling up my, window pane.
In her car, it's way past dark.
She leans over and says to me, let's just park.

Autumn girl, hair like angels?
All the world, sings your song.
Autumn girl, wind of colors.
Autumn girl, come along.
Come along.

We watched the sunset,
Listened to Nick Drake.
I wonder, she said, if we've made a mistake.
(Hum chorus to end)

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