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Esteban Was Eaten

This song is by Balor Knights.

So maybe empires will fold

Maybe empires will come and go

I am appealing to you

To keep it all under control

Circular time. And distance.

A nation falls to economy

It's all money.

When this city fell down

He was driving around to see.

First to fall was the roads

Animals quickly then arose

I took my flask and camcorder

To document the rise of the Rose

They've taken everything else

How long before they take the blankness?

The blankness...

They still sew labels inside

They're only cheap clothes, I know,

But I haven't got a nickel

Maybe holes in my shoes are wide.

They're only cheap clothes I know

But I haven't got a nickel (repeats)

To my name.

But I haven't got a nickel to my name.

We see how the legions follow

We take all that we can borrow

We stop thinking of tomorrow

If it ever came

How many weeks of fighting?

How many months since typing? see.

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