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​Midnight Sun

This song is by Ballroom Astronaut.

Tonight, we'll dance across starlit skies. Under a cold blanket of black and white. Â Hold me close, right now I'll be your thrill. Â This moment, frozen in time, a dead standstill

Tonight we'll become one, under the midnight sun...

If I told you that  I loved you could you say the same for me?   If I showed you my whole world, would you glance inside to see?  Tell me everything is all right and say that you're okay.  As the twlight begins to fade just know my love is here to stay

Tonight, we'll walk across the sparkling shore. Â Breathe in, the waves are crashing on the sand. Â Your kiss, has put me in a dizzy spin. Â Take my hand, let's do it all over again.

I am counting down the days, till you and me can run away...