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​King Of Jersey

This song is by Ballroom Astronaut.

Goodbye to the days when I sat home with nothing to do. Â Goodbye to the way I thought too much about losing you. Â Goodbye to all the people who just bitched about the little things. Â Goodbye to this town, there's nothing left, I'
Ll let someone else be king.

There's nothing left to do
This time, yeah, it's true
So if it's OK with you
Goodbye, I'm taking my feelings too

Goodbye to the nights we painted the town our favorite color. Â Goodbye to the trips around with a crew unlike any other. Â Goodbye to the good old times the good old jokes and the stupid things. Â Goodbye to this crazy place, I won't lie, it was good to be king.

There's no denying, there's just no other way out.

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