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Compilation by various artists.
  1. Break It by ArtAttack
  2. They Will See Me by Six Of Lasers
  3. Get My Rope by Nettohunden
  4. Arrivederci by Lavender Harmony (featuring Harridan Sky and Mic The Microphone)
  5. The Little Toy Shop by Makkon
  6. This Monster in Me by Pinkie Guy
  7. Everfree by Icky
  8. Boooring! by Assertive Fluttershy
  9. Sleep by Echelon
  10. Cawtion by Jackle App
  11. New Fluttershy (Monster Mix) by Foozogz
  12. Rejected by Tarby
  13. Midwives of Discord - Graphene by Dawn Blush
  14. From the Gaping Cavity by Psychedelic Brony
  15. Bronies Are Weird by Senntenial
  16. Spinner by Aussie Asher
  17. Ascension by The Ark
  18. KataklYsm by Neu KatalYst
  19. Dark Terrors by Stars In Autumn
  20. What Stays What Goes by HMage
  21. Balefire by Princess Addictia
  22. Divinity by DJ MHM
  23. Impact of Friendship by Cyberpunk Colt
  24. Never Back Down by Aviators (ThatSonofaMitch Remix)
  25. Interrobang Pie Invades Equestria by Icky
  26. Loco by Pinkie Guy
  27. Breaking Bonds by AcousticBrony and PrinceWhateverer (featuring MandoPony, Lulz, DJ MHM and George)
  28. Melody by Aviators
  29. Dregs of a Bitter Cup by Makkon
  30. Lunatic by Stormwolf
  31. 16 NOCAB by The Living Tombstone
  32. Hurricane Dial by Sci
  33. Stinkin' Thinkin' by General Mumble
  34. Everypony's Bangin' by Silva Hound
  35. Lung Buster by H8 Seed
  36. Helium by Elspongie
  37. Party Pony by Cyrricky
  38. Prominence by Michael A. and Whitetail
  39. I Know You're in There by Elliptisoar
  40. Disco Lights by Alex S. and PinkiePieSwear
  41. How Far We've Come by Silva Hound and ArtAttack
  42. Mass Destruction by Twitch
  43. Friendsip in Tartarus (The Escape) by ISMBOF
  44. Dregs of a Bitter Cup by Makkon (ArtAttack Remix)

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