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​Louder Than Words

This song is by Ballast and appears on the album Sound Asleep (2005).

Can you hear it
It whispers treason
In cold apartments sweating with secrets
We could never tell
It's a foundation well laid and a debt still unpaid
Destroy what destroys you
Then suck out the poison
Burned out, bled dry, and still on our knees
I'll take back my life from those who stole it
We have all we need to cure our disease
We just don't know how to control it
A potential untold, an unrequited love
An ending we still need to write
In a nightmare of endless destruction
I dream in an endless night
I saw the fires all go out
One by one by one by one and I could see when all hope died
Reflected in your tired eyes
We all lose, have lost, never had
Can you hear it
It's the dead
What is the sound of one hand clapping
A pencil scratching what is the point of my voice cracking, straining a protest song
I won't sleep until you stop dreaming
Frustration chipping away at hopelessness
Fighting back with a muscle the size of my fist because I need a reason to resist
Like I need a heartbeat in my chest