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This song is by Ballast and appears on the album Sound Asleep (2005).

Everyone is generous with their disease/greed
Flashing teeth
Can't control the need/look all around you
It's all you see /it's so hard to love your enemy when it's so easy to hate your neighbor/the days are getting shorter and something is wrong/ignorance is nice
Awareness is your vice/numbed by fear or we just don't care/another year
Another year and are we getting wiser
Or just older
Our minds weaker/power junkies
Technology junkies/we're all sick with it/what's the use of debate
If the facts are lies
We're fed on lies/always trying to find the words/to express what you want to say/but maybe that's the plight of first world existence/we've got too much time to wallow our lives away/drowning in self pity and anguish/i wish I could find a bridge/to make me over all of this