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​Bad Thoughts

This song is by Ballast and appears on the album Sound Asleep (2005).

People who cannot trust themselves are putting me on edge today
The selfish need to self destruct
You're sitting there, clenching your teeth
Negative outlook can't look out for you and me
This feeling I give to only want more
Putting you on edge, what are we good for
I hear someone go by and feel like hiding
Cringe away, having no one but yourself to blame
But I see stairs leading to nowhere
Doors leading to nowhere too
Some days I feel I'm going somewhere
Maybe someday soon
Why are you already buried
Why were you in such a hurry
Scared of ideals and ambition so it'd rather clean the kitchen
Dare I hope to ever feel again
In this world so full of beauty and despair
Constantly split between love and hate
They feel like the same thing
Well I'm scared of ideals and ambition
So I'd rather clean the kitchen again
This constant split between love and hate
It feels like the same thing
It feels like... nothing
Use these bad thoughts
To go somewhere
Anywhere, away from here