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This song is by Ball In The House.

I don't want to lose you
Girl, can you wait? Can we talk about all our problems?
I know we can work things out if we try
So girl, don't go! I was wrong from the start
I know I made some mistakes that I can't take back.
And ooh Girl I love you, I know we were meant to be
Forever for each other - ooh
And I can't deny, no matter how much I try
I know I loved you the minute that you came into my life.
I don't want to lose you, no.
I don't want to let you go.
Baby, please don't say goodbye
Before you go, let's give it one more try ' ooh
Don't give up now that we've come so far
I know that everything's gonna be all right
Please don't go I know I may not be much
But I will give to you all that I have to give
And ooh girl I love you, I know we were meant to be
Forever for each other
I wish I knew the right way or had the right words to say
That I loved you with every single breath that I take---
Girl don't go
Don't leave me here searching for the answers
Girl don't go
Please believe me I can't make it by myself
Girl don't go
I loved you until the stars fall down forever
I know we can make it if we give it a try
One more try,
We can make it, you and I

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