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The More That I Say

This song is by Ball In The House.

I think it's time I told you just what I've been thinking
I feel I'm being held back
You see it's hard because my thoughts are so one-sided
It's only answers that I lack
You take all that you want and leave the broken pieces
But my heart has no seams
You must know, I mean, as least as much as I do
What the black hole really means
The more that I say, oh, the less that I know
The more that I feel, I don't know where to go
The more that I do, you just turn away
Now, I have nothing more to say
You made you mind up but you made it sure I don't know
Oh, which way I should turn
I wish you'd get out of that mess that's up in my head
I wish that I could just learn

Chorus 3x (then fade out)

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