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This song is by Ball In The House.

I'm gonna tell you baby how I feel
Can't keep it to myself you look too unreal
In my mind, what it's doing to me
Imagine possibilities
You understand, baby I am a man
And you got it going on
You're so tasty, tasty
I wanna eat you up in one bite
Tasty, tasty
You've got the right flavor, let me show you I'm right
This isn't love but it's something right
You knock me out I couldn't put up a fight
We've got tonight and we're feelin' fine
And I don't wanna waste no time
Girl I don't know if I can take it slow
Cuz you've got it going on
You understand, I understand
You've got it going on
Chorus 2x
You've got the right flavor, let me show you I'm right

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