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This song is by Ball In The House.

I was taught, never show your feelings
That's why it's so hard for me to talk to you
Girl I know, you're having a hard time dealing
Not sure what to say or what to do
When you reach for me, you're grasping at air
You tell me that you love me, but I'm not really there
I'm scared of falling in love, there I said it
I'm scared of falling in love, I might regret it
I'm scared of falling in love, but if I do
I pray to God it's with you
You gave your heart but I pushed it right away
No words will come, despite how hard I try
I never gave us a chance, yet I begged for you to stay
With no good reason, no reason why
My bags are too heavy, they're weighing me down
I can't see the beauty of the treasure I've found
And I'm standing on the edge, if I don't jump I'll never fly
But baby if I fall will you stay or say goodbye
I don't know if I'm ever gonna fall in love
But, if I do, I pray to God it's with you
I pray to God it's with you
Scared, I'm scared, I'm scared, so scared
I'm falling, falling, falling baby

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