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This song is by Ball In The House.

(No, no, no, no, no)
Filling in the gaps
Filling in the spaces
All those pretty people
In all the perfect places
Don't move an inch
Just keep it right there
Hold it hold it for a moment
Hold it while I get my camera
I wanna take a picture
One of you and me
So when this time is gone
I'll remember you and how it used to be
Only a moment to catch that feeling
I put that memory away 'cuz it won't come back
(I know it won't, I know you never will, I don't know why, but you know)
It seems so silly now
It seemed so silly then
When you close your eyes and count to ten
I could always find a better hiding place
So I could look at you just to see that pretty smile upon your face
Where did you go now?
Your memory seems so far away
I just keep trying to hold on to you
But the photograph slips through my fingers (hold on to you)
It never will, oh no
There are just so many things you will remember
Put that memory away 'cuz it won't come back (x4)

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