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Giving You Me

This song is by Ball In The House.

Verse 1:
Stormy weather is a thing of the past
Now that we're together I know it's gonna last
I'll take you higher than you've ever been before
Come in lay down, yeah, and I'll lock the door
Now that I've got you babe I'm never letting go
Takin' you back, keepin' it on the down low
I can feel it, I'm goin' under
My heart is achin' rollin' like thunder
All I want to do is
All I want to do
Giving you me is all I want to do
All I want to do is
All I want to do
Giving you me is all I want to do
Verse 2:
Look in deep to the depth of my soul
Will this feeling ever end? Baby, I don't know
Don't try to run girl, don't try to hide
Just jump on board and enjoy the ride
I close my eyes and I see your silhouette
Lost in that world I don't wanna come back yet
In here you're safe Baby, don't wanna see you go
Don't rush relax, let's go nice and slow.
Now you tell me that you're lookin' for true love
I used to want the same thing...since then I wised up
Been used to many times'been taken for granted
Finding true love I've become disenchanted
Stormy weather is what I'm living now
I try to stop myself but Lord, I don't know how
Chorus 2x

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