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Don't Rush

This song is by Ball In The House.

I may be shy at first glance
As I hope and I pray that you'll give me a chance
To open up, and share my dreams
You'll see that finding true love isn't hard as it seems
(So) Don't rush, don't rush to judgment on me
Don't rush, don't turn away before you see
That I'm here for you now
Don't let my awkwardness allow you
To pass up on us, don't rush.
There's more to me, than meets the eye
In my heart I hold the sun for you, the moon and the sky.
Say you'll be mine, and meet my gaze
And baby we can be together for the rest of our days.
Like digging through the sand for a diamond in the rough
Baby hold my hand, and you'll see I'm not so tough
I'm here to stand beside you, unless you won't
Come looking for the real me, so please don't ....rush
Chorus 3x

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