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Why Politician Grab Their Ass Everyday

This song is by Bald Vulture and appears on the album Punk Core From Hell (1997).

I don't wanna be a politician
Because I'm against everyone told me
Told me " vote for me"
I can't save the world, I make that for you
I'm so friendly, you're a liar, a sucker
All you want is celebrity, tell me what you have for me
Except your hypocrisy

Prejudice... it's not a real justice
A racist is like a sexist
Religion is sometimes why people kill
Violence is caused by your authority

When I see cops fight for some bucks, or
When I see cops who tell punk sucks
On television you're for teenage action
But in the street you're against our revolution

Now you say punks are psycho
It's because we caused a riot
It's our solution, yes, it's our solution
For destroy redemption, destroy redemption

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