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Surrounded By Vulture

This song is by Bald Vulture and appears on the album Third (2001).

Surrounded by vulture
Bald vulture were ready
To attack against the system
Rebellion we hang out in packs

In the show we're in your faces
We hit like a mother fucking mace
Never will we give you our place
Never betray you

Like people I know who blow
That's the way will never go
Sorry pal we told you so
We will never betray you

Surrounded by vulture, eastern vulture

Ra pa sa ka pa ra ta ma ra ka la sa ka pa ra ta la la

I hope our message is getting through
Because it was made for you
Authority, conformity
It was never meant for me
Revolution we conspire
Never fall, never fear
Against this full of shit society
That means nothing for me

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